Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 28/03/2019

Throughout this page, we will reference several companies, these are Coffee Kavern (, Stripe ( and GloriaFood (httpss://

What personal data is collected and why?

When browsing Coffee Kavern, some personal data is collected about your browsing session. This includes your web browser, your geographical location and your computers operating system. Some data is also collected about the pages you visited, how long you spent on each page and the contect you interacted with.

This data is all collected for analytical purposes, as it allows us to create marketing and update strategies from effective page use. It is also used to ensure smooth performance, as we can attempt to identify a correlation between a certain browser and time spent, indicating a performance issue. This data is not stored for more than 90 days.

Security and Encryption

This website has functionality that allows the end-user (you, the person browsing) to submit payments for goods. These payments are being processed through a service (GloriaFood) - when GloriaFood processes your information, it is actually completing the transaction through a 3rd party merchant service known as Stripe. Stripe takes security very seriously, and you can read more about their security here: httpss://

As a result of using these services, Coffee Kavern does not store any information about you, this includes your card details. When Stripe recieve your card details, they are encrypted and stored as a token (a non-readable, long number generated by their encryption algorithm). Stripe are PCI compliant (httpss:// and offer live customer support, if you have any more questions about how your payments may be processed, please contact Stripe.

What are cookies, and do we use them?

Cookies are small text files used on a website that store some very basic information about the user, allowing them to set preferences so that the website is going to perform in a chosen manner each time, they are also used for analytical purposes.

Cookies are used on this website to collect data about your browsing session, as mentioned in the section entitled "What personal data is collected and why?", by browsing the website, you agree to the use of cookies. If you are not comfortable with cookies being used, then please do not continue to use the website.


Analytical tools are in use on this website to better understand how our audience interacts with our web page, these tools utilize several web technologies, including some cookies. Please see above for further information. Information about your browsing session is not kept for more than 90 days.

Who is your data shared with?

Your data is not shared by Coffee Kavern with any 3rd parties. We do not retain any information about you other than information about your browsing session.